SPAM from China

I just wanted to let you know that I am aware that some botnet is attempting to use my domain name for SPAM.

humble_pie (& are both configured with SPF, DKIM and have valid DMARC records.

As you can see from my dmarcian report, I am requesting that all SMTP/Mail servers reject any message which has not authenticated itself, if you are receiving mail, please update your server to respect this.

I have attempted to contact the owners of the addresses sending the SPAM, according to dmarcian they are all in china… I even used google translate to translate the mail ;)


Unfortunately the mailboxes for the abuse email addresses are bouncing (probably full) and are rejecting mail.

If you think I’ve missed something, and you have any advise feel free to use my contact page.

No Comment has been using comments on WordPress for over 5 years now and over that time the quality and quantity of comments has varied. In the last six+ months comments have become mostly spam. To reduce the amount of outages caused by spam, scrapers and other internet-rubbish the comment forms and previous comments have been removed.

Intelligent humans are still able to use twitter or the contact form to get in touch :)

A New Style!

After many happy years my ps3-tribute theme for is retiring. Today as a new shiny theme, this version is a bit more self indulgent than the last and returns to having a home page with /blog type layout rather than a single entry page.The main aim was to go minimal, I’ve always admired simple themes, hopefully this lives up to the dream! This new linickx version 4 themes is based off of twentyeleven and I’m hoping to leverage some of the new features, I’m already taking advantage of post types and custom backgounds as I digg deeper they maybe more to come :)

I’m in the process of tweaking any bugs, if you find something that doesn’t look right please let me know.

linickx on github

For your social coding pleasure, linickx code is now in github!

Yesterday I completed the subversion mirror of my WordPress projects – phpbb_recent_topics , root cookie and linickx lifestream – now this isn’t a migration, it is a mirror! For the time being I’m happy using the subversion tools provided by Automattic and the WordPress team but I understand that git is gaining momentum and many are switching, basically I’m hoping this makes it easier for the WP community to get in touch or make suggestions to the code.

I’m also working on uploading some of my old work, I rely heavily on google to broadcast my wares and perhaps there are some old dinosaurs that need resurrecting by a new community of devs? Well if you’re feeling nosey “A is for Abandonware

It’s likely that new code and projects will appear on git hub, I’ve been toying with running subversion on but now that Xcode4 has git built in this cloud based social service might be a better option…. I guess only time will tell!


We’re a bit Mashed!

My Apologies to all, the transition to the my new theme hasn’t gone as smoothly as I’d have liked, images are off line, and the adverts are all in the wrong place. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

No Longer Associated with Calcylator

I’ve decided to let the renewal of my domain name “” slip. The site was my web 2.0 idea that never got off the ground, the idea was simple, if you use ebay (as a seller) you need to calculate your costs, although ebay don’t hide fees from you the listing process doesn’t make it very obvious and if you sell a lot keeping track of your profit & loss is difficult… so I developed a site to track these and other costs (packaging etc).

I got the “beta” site up, and pestered some non-technical friends and family to try it out; I came across a fundamental problem: ebays fees are complicated, so there’s only a certain amount of simplifying you can do, general feedback was it was too much hassle… and they didn’t feel the benefit, i.e. they’d much rather just pay the fees…. isn’t funny how large companies can make a fortune by charging lots of people the odd pence here and there, and people would rather pay it than “waste” time finding a way not to pay it.

I’m quiet sad that this didn’t work, but I’m sure there’s another simpler avenue I can explore in the future, good luck to any one who decides to my old domain… well unless your one of those retailers that just buys expired domain names and then charges loads for someone genuine to use them… what I think of you couldn’t be pulished ;)

Website Changes.

Today has been a busy day for the poor server must be tired, I’ve made a whole load of changes today including wordpress upgrades and url moves – I’ve removed the word “blog” from everywhere as it was kinda redundant :D

Some content still needs to be ported from my custom php to wordpress, but it should all be finished soon. I’ve got the wonderful redirection plug-in taking care of everything, if you experience any problems please let me know !

Whoops! – Files back online.

I thought I’d post a quick note to say thanks Tobias for letting me know that my files download area was broken, I was playing with mod_rewrite over the weekend and forgot to check that – DOH !

Anywho, all is sorted now, sorry to those that couldn’t get to my wordpress goodies!

Calcylator Closed……for now.

My Last Calcylator post was full of hope… but now the site is closed.. what gives ?

Well our ISP had a spam issue, as part of the investigation, to protect calcylator I closed the site; development has been v.sloooooow after the last few months and I thought I’d take the time to reflect.

I stand by that the site is a good idea, working out true profit from ebay is important to individual sucess. The fundamental problem is working out your exact fees per transaction is difficult & time consuming, so users just don’t want to dedicate the time. I’ve been through two iterations of calcylator, and discovered that I just can’t make the process easy enough for users to be bothered. Financially it doesn’t bother me if people can’t work your their profit accurately, but I do want the site (idea) to be successful, so calcylator is moving into a new phase.

The first phase will a gimmick, but hopefully useful, from their we’ll step towards what will hopefully be a better solution… once again, another empty space to watch ;)

I Love Firefox !! (New Aside)

It’s a bit sad, but it’s true, so this new aside is to show my appreciation.

I think the best thing about firefox is the extensions, the problem is there is sooooo many; so how do you find the good ones ? Well I’ve decided to set up my own firefox aside, this will allow me to post short notes about the latest extension I’ve found am using.

I’ve just posted three fav’s to get started (loads more to come), if you have any recommendations please let me know else check out my firefox page to see the complete list :-)

My 1st 100%

It’s a shame it’s not an important exam, but the satisfaction remains the same. I’m planning to make this year quite exam heavy so I don’t suppose I’ll see this again so excuse me as I revel in my own smugness !

I’ve been thinking hard (i.e. before I posted this), and really don’t think I’ve received 100% in a formal exam before; the results in the screen shot are for Cisco’s IOS Discovery Assessment, ok yeah there was only 13 questions but hey, 100% is 100% ;)

Time for a change.

I now have a new site look and feel :D

It’s been a little while in the making, but I thought, nearly 1yr of uptime was grounds for a new site theme. I wanted something clean, simple, and different from the last one; hopefully it’s nice, readable and easy on the eye.

If you’ve been playing with the theme switcher you’ll need to delete your cookies ;)