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My Last Calcylator post was full of hope... but now the site is closed.. what gives ?

Well our ISP had a spam issue, as part of the investigation, to protect calcylator I closed the site; development has been v.sloooooow after the last few months and I thought I'd take the time to reflect.

I stand by that the site is a good idea, working out true profit from ebay is important to individual sucess. The fundamental problem is working out your exact fees per transaction is difficult & time consuming, so users just don't want to dedicate the time. I've been through two iterations of calcylator, and discovered that I just can't make the process easy enough for users to be bothered. Financially it doesn't bother me if people can't work your their profit accurately, but I do want the site (idea) to be successful, so calcylator is moving into a new phase.

The first phase will a gimmick, but hopefully useful, from their we'll step towards what will hopefully be a better solution... once again, another empty space to watch ;)


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