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I've decided to let the renewal of my domain name "" slip. The site was my web 2.0 idea that never got off the ground, the idea was simple, if you use ebay (as a seller) you need to calculate your costs, although ebay don't hide fees from you the listing process doesn't make it very obvious and if you sell a lot keeping track of your profit & loss is difficult... so I developed a site to track these and other costs (packaging etc).

I got the "beta" site up, and pestered some non-technical friends and family to try it out; I came across a fundamental problem: ebays fees are complicated, so there's only a certain amount of simplifying you can do, general feedback was it was too much hassle... and they didn't feel the benefit, i.e. they'd much rather just pay the fees.... isn't funny how large companies can make a fortune by charging lots of people the odd pence here and there, and people would rather pay it than "waste" time finding a way not to pay it.

I'm quiet sad that this didn't work, but I'm sure there's another simpler avenue I can explore in the future, good luck to any one who decides to my old domain... well unless your one of those retailers that just buys expired domain names and then charges loads for someone genuine to use them... what I think of you couldn't be pulished ;)


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