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UPDATE: 15th Aug 06 - This repo has moved, please see this post.

Yesterday I think google & I fell out, I've got WBEL installed on a really old PC and GNOME is just too fat :(

I discovered XFCE when I was playing with Fedora Core 2 some time ago. I found it to be a nice light weight windowmager / Desktop Evnvirmoent that used very little memory; so in my wisdom I decided to install XFCE onto my WBEL box, and to my suprise I couldn't find a Yum Repo. This left me with three options (1) put up with twm (2) find another alternative, read their manual, and learn how to use xyz window manager or (3) Build XFCE for WBEL from source.

I chose (3): The great guys at made my job very easy, on their site is whole load or src.rpms, so all i did was recomplie them (After playing a little chase the depandancy) and yum-arch the directory, I updated my yum.conf & Sorted xfce !

Instructions to install xfce here:


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