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I'm learning a lot with this plug-in development, it seems to be a lot more difficult than stuff I've done in the past.

In just a few days I've had to push out 3 bug fix releases! 0.1.3 has fixed the following..

0.1.2 broke auto updates.
Basically there was an error message in the dashboard that a user was complaining about, upon fixing this I realised that auto-updating stopped working... I'm using cron updating so I didn't spot this right away. I have now re-tested auto updates, and it is working for me in 0.1.3

Execution timeout issues was having execution timeout issues, i.e. the script was being terminated by a low value in php.ini. set_time_limit(20) now happens before each fetch_feed to give each http request an extra 20seconds of execution time, I've also setup an is_running variable so multiple fetchs don't happen at the same time, this should fix the multi-post issue I'm having here too!

I've also introduced a config.php so that upgrades do not overwrite $WPDIR set by users. It's become apparent that users want to use cron to update their feeds, since run.php gets overwtitten on every upgrade then users would need to re-edit the file, this would become quiet annoying. Copy config.sample.php to config.php and users shouldn't have to worry about upgrades breaking this as the package will be re-pushing the sample leaving your file un-changed... this is exactly how WordPress handle this issue in the core.

Fingers Crossed!
I'm hoping that's the end of the bug fix releases and I can get on with Version 0.2 will be a feature release :)



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