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I'm in the process the process of writing a whole new look for, I think I'm about there so I've decided it was about time to give the other browsers a spin. All of my development has been with Firefox on linux (with a little epiphany for testing non logged in users) and I've got the look and feel pretty much as I like.

I reboot into windows cause according to google analytics 70% of my visitors in the last month are windows people; Firefox on windows passes the test, all the same, so I've downloaded a copy of safari for windows, good news there too and I finish off with Internet Explorer 6, crap I forgot that ie6 cannot render transparent .png files, although the layout is alright my new header is screwed and I've used .png icons in my /files/ section so that's going to look rubbish.

This leaves me with a dilemma, do I re-do all of my images as .gifs to account for the 10% of ie6 users? And is it possible to dual install ie6 & ie7 ? ... I still haven't tested that and 20% of visitors use that...I've never bothered upgrading to ie7 since I new I was never going to use it, why waste the disk space & bandwidth?

I'm toying with having a browse happy banner appear for ie6 and a disclaimer saying this site will look awful use a proper browser; the banner will be easy to do within the WordPress powered section, but the /files/ section which is driven by apache may be more of an issue.

The whole thing is just irritating, I was really looking forward to getting the new look up soon, ho-hum off to make a decision!

P.s. In case you were wondering, yes 60% of vistors are firefox, 5% are safari and the other 5% is made up of random stuff (hello to the 2 users on the PSP!!!)


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