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Those with a sharp eye will have noticed there are two "linickx" twitter accounts. I've had my main @linickx for some time, although I don't spam it all the time the tweet integration and integration into facebook/mugshot/ is cool.

Twitter has been in a lot of main stream media recently, and I've noticed that it appears to be becoming a popular replacement for RSS, many non-technicals just don't "get" RSS but it appears that twitter is providing an alternative source of keeping up with news... rather than just answering the social question "what are you doing?" .

My blog will always have the most interesting content..... of course the definition of interesting is up for debate.... but in an attempt to reach out to those using twitter to follow blogs & news I've created another twitter account @linickxfeed; This second account is simply tweeting when I create blog posts... I'm not sure of the etiquette, should tweets from people be mixed with auto-magic stuff from blogs?

Hopefully this approach won't cause to much confusion, and If it does I'll just have to delete the account :) So....



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