Blog |Follow Nick on Twitter| About is evolving, I'm not sure how yet but I've started by introducing twitter tools, google has changed the face of websites, according to google analytics my home page is not longer the top landing page, i.e. most people visiting my site hit the content they want directly and don't need to navigate through the site... with this in mind I'm thinking about turning into a tumblr type thing... twitter tools allows me to post short "thoughts" and "comments" without having to go through the full WordPress write post thing.

I started the idea along time ago when photomatt introduced asides, i.e. I've always had categories and different front page presentation styles for blog posts, firefox posts, delicious posts and then everything else... so I'm thinking about taking the idea further by creating individual posts,feeds and styles for delicious links and rss shared items (from google reader).

Since I want to keep my feed clean (it's imported into many social networks like mugshot & facebook) I've used this post to filter out my new "sync" category... sync as in I'm synchronising my web life with my website :) - Oh Yeah before I foget don't add the code to functions.php as it creates a php warning, create a wordpress plugin.

My web/work/social life is quite busy - who's isn't!... so I'm a little worried about how to style the whole thing I found a nice way of quote text with css, so the tweets look good, but I'm worried that bookmarks and shared posts could make the site look cluttered or confusing, I've already had to add a "twitter reply" link to each post since the 1st thing people have asked me is what's twitter.. doh must be a UK web-ignorance thing.

I guess we'll just see how this pan's out, I've just renewed this domain, so it'd be nice to finish for the domains birthday :D



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