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I've decided to take charge of my technical development, I'd like to progress my cisco knowledge. As a CCSP I've got two choices: CCIE Security or CCNP. Now the CCIE is the better one, but I've looked through the material, and although I've got 5yrs security experience, I'm not confident I know enough general networking (especially for the practical lab), so I'm finking I'll do both :D

Seriously, I've been reading the CCNP material, and it gives some really good foundation knowledge for the CCIE; so I'm finking start them both, and drop out the CCIE revision when my "non-security" knowledge needs topping up. Now anyone reading this, whom has done either or both exams is probably thinking "He has no idea how much work is involved" - and I guess they're partly right, since I'd not done either it's true, but I'm not expecting to do them in a month (or even 6).

So, can you blog revision ? I've had a quick google and I've not really been able to find what I mean (or want), they are mostly blogs with cisco content, but not revision guides or material. Now the biggest problem with revision blogs would be copyrights , in order to study you need to read someone else's material, but you can't publish that. I don't see this as a problem tho' since true revision is being able to explain what you've learned in your own words.... any way to be safe I've updated my copyright, since I think my blog could be a really good revision tool :cool:

I guess only time will tell, I've already got a lot on so I guess the next issue will be finding the time, but having a plan is always a good start :D



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