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It's been a long time since my last weekend project, over on git hub I have just published the code for my LINICKX Clock.

n800 linickx clock

I have an old Nokia n800 which I wanted to put to some use. If you want a good time service then is IMHO the best; the reason I'm not using on my n800 is that it's very boring! I wanted to create something that would change, add a little bit of variety - regardless on your opinion on if LCD screen-burn exists or not.

LINICKX Clock is powered by Google's App Engine (GAE), which means that occasionally it will sleep, however I've been running the clock for a few days now an it's updating fine.

The background, font, text-area and clock delimiters change every 15mins so if you want to see something unique to you then you'll have to be patient!

Chrome Screenshot of

The clock uses from very simply jquery to download a JSON file from the server, the JSON response updates the style sheet for the page. Some of the clock features are CSS3, such as the blinking delimiter and scaling background so browser milage may vary. The background images are powered by and, I'm caching the images on the GAE to reduce the impact to the upstream provider (hopefully they don't mind!).

You can easily run your own if you want, the simplest method would be to deploy your own app into google, i.e. create a new app, change the application "name" in app.yaml and deploy. If you want to run this locally then you'll need php (and memcached for caching), you'll also need to rewrite the permalinks, for example on line 96 of index.php:


The random data is a http request to /rd unless you use something like mod_rewrite then you will need to change this to /rd.php

The source code can be found here: If you have any suggestions or improvements, feel free to fork or create an issue on github.



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