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Robert (Jamie) Munro submitted a pull request yesterday which improves the way we can use the RSDNS tools.

RSDNS now has now a master rsdns script/command which can be used to call the other sub-scripts. For example commands like: -n -i

... can be replaced by:

rsdns a -n -i

sweet touch eh?

[[email protected] ~]$ rsdns

Use the -h switch for details on how to use each sub command 
e.g. rsdns a -h

Available commands:

 aaaa      Manage AAAA records, host records for IPv6 
 a         Manage A records, host records for IPv4 
 cn        Manage canonical name (CNAME) records 
 dc        Dynamic DNS Client for rackspace cloud DNS 
 did       Delete records by ID 
 domain    Create & delete domains hosted by rackspace cloud DNS 
 list      List domains and records hosted by rackspace 
 mx        Manage mail exchange (MX) records 
 ns        Manage domain name server (NS) records 
 srv       Manage service (SRV) records 
 txt       Manage text (TXT) records

[[email protected] ~]$

I've posted a run thru on



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