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Recently I have been using ciscoconfparse to loop through Cisco configs, installing on my local laptop is straightforward with pip however getting it onto a customers linux jump server can be a bit more tricky (proxies, build deps and the like).

For Redhat/Centos (6) boxes I found an out of date .src.rpm therefore I have updated the SPEC file:

I have made two changes, I updated to the ciscoconfparse 1.2.16 and added the python-ipaddr dependency.

To build your own yo will also need:

The only change I have made there is to add the correct download URL to the Source so that it build without the human having to put the package in the right directory.... other than that all other build deps should be in the standard base repositories.

Building them is straight forward with rebuild -ba, I have an old post here... fedora have a much more comprehensive one here... I haven't uploaded pre-built RPMs to my repo as I haven't found the need to for years, maybe this is a good excuse to resurrect it!



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