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UPDATE: This Plugin has been updated, please comment on the new post, thanks.

I've had an e-mail from Edward Laverick saying that my WordPress root Cookie plugin doesn't work in WP2.7.

I have a few points to make....

  • Not All Cookies are plug-able.
    A google search of the WordPress SVN show's that there are setcookie actions outside of the avilable pluggable functions; the only way to change these that I know of is to hack the trunk code.
  • Changes to 1.4.
    This new version does work in 2.7... I've refined the code in two ways, the plug-able functions are inline with WP2.7 (i.e. any changes in the trunk have been duplicated in this plug-in) and got rid of the bug where the same cookie isn't set twice.
    I've tested this plug-in on my server and ensured that we are changing the cookie path on both the "admin cookie" and the "logged in cookie" so hopefully all will work as expected.
  • Do you really want this plugin ?
    Scott Kingsley Clark has created a sub-domains version of this plugin it's worth a look if you're working with and

As always....

The point of the plugin is to strip out the path from the cookie so that it can be referenced by other applications.

You can download the plugin from, and there is a discussion forum to get community support.



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