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I can't find an official suggestions or "request for enhancements" webpage for sony's ps3; I'm sure the developers are fed of of people asking for in game access to music or the web browser so it's hidden away somewhere, but I think I have some genuine fresh ideas.... maybe?

Dynamic Bookmarks from Avahi / Bonjour / ZeroConf
I don't have a keyboard for my PS3 the reason for this is that I have a PC/Laptop, in the event I want to do some heavy browsing my 1st thought won't be to use my PlayStation, this being said, I do occasionally use the PS3 to check specific websites; when I download content from the PlayStation Store I have a tendency to log into my cacti install and check on my bandwidth usage, typing into my bookmarks was a real pain via the on-screen keyboard, but if the PS3 could have learned this from network that would have been really cool. Direct Access to my bookmarks from the XMB would be nice too.

UPNP Media Servers & the XMB need a re-think
My mediatomb server shares out my "media" directory, in that directory I have all of my A/V content. The thing is to switch between watching my latest family video and viewing pictures of the fireworks last week rather than just playing "any" content available in the directory, I have to scroll all the way back to the start of the XMB change from video to picture and then dive all the way back through my directory structure, perhaps something like \~/media/family/events/5Nov09/..... this can become quite tiresome.
My Solution would to make media servers an extra top level XMB entry which appears when a server is found, thus allowing users to directly drill through any content.

If anyone happens to stumble across this page and knows where I should submit my ideas feel free to leave a comment.


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