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I've been watching the progress of the "Nokia Internet Tablet" for a while now, it 1st caught my eye as it uses gnome rendering type stuff for the graphical front end, and the backend is some linux (debian?) embedded device, so the availability of an off the shelf linux PDA for a self confessed linux nut is a dream come true !

I've not brought on yet, firstly because my gadget fund is low (saving for a PS3.. probably) and mainly because there were no "off the shelf" GPS solutions, since most open source projects are US based, I didn't want to mess about with trying to get something to work in the UK... importing maps, different blue-tooth issues, blah blah, you know the deal.

Anyway, I got lost the other day, and since I refuse to pay for a dedicated GPS device, £300 (for a good one) seems a lot of money when the same money will buy you a good PDA and I'd get sooo much more use from it... This getting lost incident reminded me that the nokia n800 was launched recently, and that must have a GPS solution by now (the n770 is old).... BEHOLD ...

Nokia N800

Pic Nokia Navigation Kit for Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
Turn the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet into a convenient personal navigation system.

Nokia are answering my wishes... the detail says it'll be available this quarter soo, fingers crossed I can clear a gadget fund with the wife and OH HAPPY DAYS !

UPDATE: Link to infomation page.



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