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For your social coding pleasure, linickx code is now in github!

Yesterday I completed the subversion mirror of my WordPress projects - phpbb_recent_topics , root cookie and linickx lifestream - now this isn't a migration, it is a mirror! For the time being I'm happy using the subversion tools provided by Automattic and the WordPress team but I understand that git is gaining momentum and many are switching, basically I'm hoping this makes it easier for the WP community to get in touch or make suggestions to the code.

I'm also working on uploading some of my old work, I rely heavily on google to broadcast my wares and perhaps there are some old dinosaurs that need resurrecting by a new community of devs? Well if you're feeling nosey "A is for Abandonware"

It's likely that new code and projects will appear on git hub, I've been toying with running subversion on but now that Xcode4 has git built in this cloud based social service might be a better option.... I guess only time will tell!



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