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I'm looking to improve; I'd like to include more of my online identity, I stumbled across and the layout / look / feel is very close to what I'm looking to do. My current theme is tumblr inspired but has it's limitations, for example if I tweet & blog on the same day my front page has "posts" with duplicate titles :(

A self host tumblr or sweetcron are options except that I like WordPress and I can't be doing with the hassle with maintaining multiple apps... this is why I stopped using gallery, gallery is a brilliant app I just don't have the time to keep it and WP and "another" up to date and secure.

I'm going to start exploring WordPress + LifeStream alternatives. The WordPress LifeStream Plugin creates a page like this, which is close to what I want, except I like having my tweets / bookmarks / blogs all mixed up, it keeps kinda "organic". I'm considering a lifestream theme and am hoping that the lifestream blog will provide some inspiration.... the trick is going to be achieving the teh blog ar (not) dead look in a fashion that fits me!

If you know of a good solution... using WordPress, please let me know.


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