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[![K2 in Action on bbPress]( "k2 for bbpress screenshot yes another one")](

It's been a while since I've used bbPress, but a major milestone from the automattic guys has pretty much broken the theme.

I've done a complete re-write; as before I'm only distributing the style.css (and a screenshot) no template.php files, this ensure that no security issues are associated with my theme.

**[Download k2 for bbPress](**


  • Create a "my-templates" directory in your bbPress installation directory
  • Download unzip k2 for bbpress in that directory
  • Under "design" and "themes" select k2
  • done :)

The screenshot has been updated, existing users may find things move a little, this is due to the changes in bbPress, but hopfully it's all for the better.

md5 of c87eb943165a5d909dced2860021107f


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