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UPDATE: This theme has been updated, please see the new post, thanks.

[![K2 style for bbpress]( "k2 for bbpress screenshot")](

I'm thinking about hosting a forum for some friends to use, so I thought I'd take a look at bbpress; I look after phpbb for my better half, and find the patching & modding a bit of a pain, the stuff photomatt does never lets me down, so I thought I'd take a look at his attempt at a forum.

For "regular" forum users I think they may find the interface a bit of a shock, but that doesn't bother me, there are some features missing, but the community have been putting plugins together to plug the gap (poor, poor pun, sorry !).

~~The main thing I noticed was a lack of theme repository and~~ EDIT: Theme & Plugin Repo here at, I really hate green with an absolute passion, so although the default theme is slick, I couldn't stand looking at the green ! Anyway, since this could be a service on my work in progress, I wanted it to match the k2 theme I'm using, I found there wasn't one available to download, so to cut a long post short....

Download k2 for bbpress here

It's a work in progress, there's a ~~demo available here~~ sorry demo closed., I don't think it's a bad 1st crack !

EDIT: I've added a screenshot since the demo site will ~~probably change~~ is down.


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