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I've taken to using CentOS on my servers, and fedora on my Laptop. New job, means new laptop, and to avoid fedora update hell, I thought I'd try CentOS on my laptop.

All seems good other than my wifi card not being detected, and for some reason googling for "centos 5 intel 3945" didn't provide a working anserwer, actually I found the answer by googling for "supplementary disk centos 5" which finds this thread that says...

Install dag's repo (this rpm), and then install dkms-ipw3945 (yum will pick up the dependancies)

yum install dkms-ipw3945

Next enable network manager...

chkconfig --level 345 NetworkManager on
chkconfig --level 345 NetworkManagerDispatcher on

reboot (seriously) and when you next log in you'll get a little icon in you system tray where you can manage your WiFi :)



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