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I've decided to take a tip from the pro's and separate my useful content from waffle. The blogging term appears to be asides , and photomatt has simple post on how to do it. Basically the idea is, that asides content doesn't take up as much space on your blog, so readers can easily see reference or important material, and if they've got some spare time read your thoughts.

Implementation is quite straight forward, assign a category for these less important posts - for me that's blog- and then on you theme index.php add the something like the following code:

\ \
  • \post\_content); echo ' '; comments\_popup\_link('(0)', '(1)', '(%)')?\> \\ \ \< ?php } else { ?\>

Where category 1 is the number of blog - you can see this in the admin dashboard. The effect is posts in cat(1) get treated differently , on my blog I've removed the post content completely so you just have the titles, I think it makes things tidier.



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