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Ok, so I've moved jobs, the first thing that's massively different is that I can't use Linux :'( - the new place has load of custom fat client windows apps (help-desk & crm) so I can't dump windows.

Now this post isn't a Linux vs windows rant, more, a note about how it's effecting me. To start with, I've been using evolution for so long that I've actually forgotten how to use outlook !!!!!! Other stuff is IM & RSS readers, I'm using thunderbird because I can't find a suitable replacement for lifera , and MSN it's got adverts all over it, back to gaim I think !

What's most noticeable about going back to windows is that I'm working more, using Linux at work seemed to distract me, because I have my web development stuff on my machine, and RSS feed me with cool Linux things to check out I was never 'bored'.... notice how nothings changed on this site for a while ?

At least I can find solitude at home, fedora core 5 is out in a month, and I'm really looking forward to putting my new amd64 thru' it's paces, and for the time being the dell laptop work have given me can stay windows; although thinking aloud I might have enough RAM to run vmware player so I could move the windows stuff to that, although if I end up using the vmWindows more it's kind a pointless running Linux.

Ho-hum, one good thing of using windows is that I can compare google desktop to beagle !


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