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I can only speak one language, I do have a french qualification but it's not worth the paper it's printed on; so I admire anyone who's native tongue isn't english yet speak/reads/writes english.

Comments on my blog pose a problem, a tell tale sign of an e-mail or comment spam is poor english, now I'm not talking about having 100% correct grammar or spelling, in-fact this post title "good english comments" isn't correct! What I'm talking about is comments that simply don't make sense.

Recently I've been working with a guy from Brazil, he's not the 1st I've met, but this was obviously his 1st trip to the UK. During our work it was very apparent that half of what he said/wrote didn't make sense and in order to carry out his work I've had to guess at a load of the requirements.

Today I've received a comment on my blog which I simply can't decide if it's someone with poor English skills or SPAM, there's no hyper-links which leans me toward it being genuine, but I simply don't want to take the risk, I haven't even finished repairing the pictures on my site, let alone have the time to clean up after some inter-twat spammer! I would like to thank both akismet & bad behavior for all their help with detecting spam.... I wonder if there's some kind of grammar checker for comments to help the real people submit comments that make sense?

So with all being said, I send my apologies to all who have had comments deleted on my blog.



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