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As Christmas draws closer, time becomes more of a premium, as a result blog activity suffers... I've thought about using twitter for my blog category, in the mean-time I'm using it with googletalk & facebook, so we'll see if that develops.

I've had a chance to fix some annoying bugs with my laptop/life, and thought I'd share them here, they'll pop-up in delicious when I get a chance to go thought my shared list, but until then here are some links....

Fedora: Java Clobbers/Breaks File Associations in Gnome/Nautilus
Gmail: Can't enable IMAP, because it's not available in UK English.
WMA to MP3: Converted some old tracks I found in a backup.
Gnome: Changed the colour of tooltips as doing it in the theme file didn't work
Eye Candy: Fixed my CPU Temp Gauge (by typing sensors-detect, and following the instructions!)



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