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I've been trying to get beagle working on my FC3 machine for a while now, but without much success :( . I have two fc3 machines at my disposal , what I ended up with was one where the beagle daemon would load & index data, but the best (search) gui didn't work - So I couldn't easily search what I had indexed - and on the other the best gui worked, but the daemon wouldn't start - DOH , a gui but nothing to search !

Last night was a turning point in my beagle experience, on the 1st of June beagle version 0.10 was released, and I successfully installed it on my 1st machine that had a working daemon, and to my surprise the gui instantly worked! :cool:

[ ![beagle screenshot]( ](

If I get it successfully working on my other box I'll document what I've done ! - Watch this space ;)


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