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So I've been clearing out some stuff and I found another thing of use.

When I had a Sony Vaio, I remember the most annoying thing to get working was X11, specifically finding the right Fedora Core xorg.conf. I've uploaded my working xorg.conf here , now if you're a really newbie and need some steps read-on, else you're probably done ;)

Firstly, if you boot the PCG-C1F from the CD-ROM, and just hit enter at the install prompt, anaconda will try and start X, and when it does it can't set the resolution right. So, the best thing to do is install in text mode. Text mode is started at the install prompt with:

linux text

The install should go fine, upon 1st reboot, Fedora will try to load X (assuming you've installed it) , and you won't be able to go any further as you need to select I agree on the user agreement, but the button is off the screen :'(

To go further you're probably gonna need a USB disk, copy my xorg.conf onto the disk, and boot the Vaio from the Fedora Core Install CD with your USB disk plugged in (If the disk isn't plugged in, the drivers won't be loaded), But this time from the install prompt go into rescue mode....

linux rescue

Copy the xorg.conf from the USB disk to /etc/X11 and reboot.

X11 will boot up and now you can accept the user agreement, you'll hit next, next, next and find on your 2nd reboot that X is broken again :mad:

This time hold down ctrl & alt at the same time and hit F2 and you'll get a shell prompt, log in as root, mount your USB disk and overwrite /etc/xorg.conf again, final reboot, and all is good :D

Look a screen-shot to prove I got it working ! :cool:

[![Sony Vaio PCG-C1F](](



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