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I've just noticed this in the Gnome 2.26 Release Notes...

2.3. Evolution Evolves its Migration from Windows

GNOME's e-mail and groupware suite, Evolution, has gained two important features for helping users who are migrating to GNOME from Microsoft Windows environments.

First is the ability to import Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders (PST files) directly in Evolution. E-mail, contacts, appointments, tasks and journal entries are supported. Previously, the files had to be imported via a third-party utility, such as Thunderbird on Windows.

Second is support for Microsoft Exchange's MAPI protocol. This is the protocol that Microsoft Outlook uses to communicate with Exchange. Previously, Evolution only supported Exchange's SOAP protocol, which is not available on all Exchange servers. This support significantly improves Evolution's integration with Exchange servers.

All I can say is WOW!

Linux users will have known that MAPI support into gnome has been on the cards for a while, but .pst access is just brilliant!!



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