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I've recently received this message thru my contact form, now it is either a very odd spam/phishing message or Edgar made a mistake on his email address as the domain doesn't exist. Either way I've been asked QU 2 before so here's my response while I update the FAQ :)

Dear Creator of Plugin, thank you very much for your great job. I am trying to use it in web site.
i am trying to use your plugin LINICKX LifeStream v0.2 and i have 2 questions.
1. I inserted 23 URL of Feeds but plugin loading only 3 of them, why?
2. Could I load also content of posts, if yes than how?
great thanks!
best regards

Actually Edgar I've only tested with about 5 feeds, so I will load up my test site and see what happens, it could be possible that your feed 4 is corrupt and blocking the rest.

If you wish to create posts from feeds see FeedWordPress by Charles Johnson, I was planning to include this functionality but issues mean that now I'm not bothering, see line L236 of run.php, feel free to submit a patch if you can fix it.

Festive Regards,



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