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When using windows, Notepad++ is my editor of choice. When editing PHP files, it's nice to see coloured highlighting confirming your syntax is correct.

As I regularly have to review & build Cisco ASA Firewall configs I thought it would be nice to add a little colour :)

Notepad++ supports a user defined language system whereby users can create their own syntax highlighting. As google couldn't find anyone else who'd had a go at this before I thought I'd have a crack at being the 1st.

Here is userDefineLang_ASA.xml, what you need to do is..

1. Download the user-defined language to your computer
2. Open the file with your favourite text editor (such as notepad++ or notepad)
3. Click start, run, type (or paste in) %APPDATA%\Notepad++ then click ok
4. Open userDefineLang.xml with a text editor
5. If this is the first userdefined language you are adding, copy/paste the entire first file (which you downloaded) into the userDefineLang.xml, replacing all that was there. If this is the second or more language you add, simply copy everything from the first file starting at to and paste it at the end of the userDefineLang.xml right before
6. Save the newly improved userDefineLang.xml


Now my implementation is quite simple at this stage, I've copied all the top level commands, i.e. anything from an initial "?" such as "show", but I haven't gone thru grabbing level two such as "run" as in "show run". I have however added the most common level two commands so you should see something useful.

Comments or improvements welcome!


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