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Nearly 10days in, and the bug hunt is in full swing, to be honest life is slowing me down !

I've learnt an important lesson it is impossible to fully bug hunt your own app, I know this seems obvious, but the scale of this truth isn't apparent until someone else starts pulling apart what you have done.

Feedback so far:

  • Many Pages: £ Signs were being formatted incorrectly - fixed
  • Profit Report: Needs simple funds in & out calculation at bottom - added
  • Edit sold page: Error - Cannot update postage type - removed
  • Edit sold page: Massive Bug - fees increment without updating any information - fixed
  • Sell Page: "please type description here" - reported as annoying - removed
  • Help Info: Paypal fees used not shown anywhere - Added paypal helpfile

As a permanent record of feedback received, but not yet implemented please see the project todo list.



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