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A while ago I put some effort into getting SSL support working with XMMS on Fedora Core 3, unfortunatley I didn't get very far :(

Ages a go Dustin Kirkland was kind enough to help me out (he wrote an SSL patch for XMMS), but I never got a change to finish, Since this message has been flagged for follow up for soooooo long now, I thought it only fair to share what Dustin sent me, when (& if) I get this finished I'll publish an rpm :cool: good luck !

---------- message ---------- From: Dustin kirkland Date: May 27, 2005 1:15 PM Subject: Re: [Bug 1579] - Https / SSL support for streaming mp3 and ogg To: "[email protected]"

Nick- I, too, am running Fedora Core 3 and I also cannot build the version straight out of CVS. I've tried a handful of different back- and forward-level auto\* tools and I still get problems with some of the macros. You can try this, though, as it did work on my FC3 system: \> cd /tmp \> wget \> tar zxvf xmms-1.2.10.tar.gz \> cd xmms-1.2.10 \> wget \> patch -p1 \< attachment.cgi\\?id\\=320 At this point, I have 1 minor hunk that fails. It's like 4 lines that you can manually plop in. Take a look at Input/mpg123/mpg123.c.rej and at the lines that start with + into Input/mpg123/mpg123.c. I replaced lined 927 with: \#ifdef HTTP\_SSL if (strncasecmp(filename, "http:// " , 7 ) && strncasecmp(filename, "https://", 8 )) \#else if (strncasecmp(filename, "http:// " , 7 ) ) \#endif \> ./configure \> make \> make install Hope that takes care of you. If anyone else figures out how to extract from CVS and compile XMMS on FC3, I'm all ears. I asked this question earlier on the mailing list and didn't find a silver bullet: ---------- end of message ----------

thanks again Dustin



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