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2019 has taught me a new appreciation for stale websites; over the last year or two having/making time available to publish content has gotten tricky for me, so now when going about my usual Internet day, when I come across a site that hasn't been updated in a while I wonder "what has changed in their life" ?

I expect this year to be just as crazy, but with a little change in direction I'm hopeful to get some additional content up, you never know I might help someone! My github account has seen a couple of updates over the last year that could have been blog worthy...:


snsync is a personal project for keeping text copies of Simplenote locally, (find an intro to snsync here). has had a couple of updates in 2019:

  1. A major library update
  2. A bug fix that was accidentally removing tags

I use this project everyday so if you're a Simplenote users give it a whirl!

Docker Python containers

Python scripts can fix the world ;-) but dependency management doesn't get any better so I'm sharing some potentially useful containers:

Of course, you shouldn't run random containers from the internet, please check out the Dockerfiles to see what they really do!


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