Flash Got Download Manager Integration

If you do a lot of downloading, and firefox’s built in download manager isn’t for you then this extension probably is !
Available at flashgot.net this plug-in can send links to your fav’ manager, and allows that also useful download all option.

Delicious Tools

Available direct from the delicious website, this plug-in adds delicious features to firefox, such as bookmarking and tagging pages. Download Plug-in

User Agent Switcher

The user agent switcher for firefox can be a really useful tool, generally firefox support is good, but some web based applications reject it because they don’t recognize the agent string, with this plug-in you can fool the web server into thing you’re using IE.

Web Developer Tool Bar

This tool bar is really cool, it allows you to outline and label important objects, verify code and much much more, highly recommend for anyone who does web development !
Download Extension

Customise Google

If you use google then this extension is gonna be great. I came across it because it allow you to add https to your gmail so not just the username and password is encrypted, but it does sooo much more than that !
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