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I've upgraded my Folding@Home to Life with Playstation, the idea is nice, make the folding application more useful to people and hopefully harness more CPU time.

The thing is I have the following questions........

Why has the address bar been disabled within the web browser?
I can click "more news" which opens a browser session to google news, so why can't I hit "start" open a "go to" dialog and browse any page I like? Folding would get a lot more of my CPU time if I could watch you tube video withing the "life" interface.

Do the folding developers own a PS3 remote control?
Ever seen this, a bluetooth remote control? It works great with the PS3 media player, I can pause, skip and seek all music and video content, I find it a bit weird how the "life with playstation" application doesn't support any of these buttons!

Hopefully these are just small gripes which can be easily fixed in the next addition, but the remote control thing is a real show-stopper for me, Folding CPU time is limited to "controller charging" time only for me until I can control my music properly within this app!!


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