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LogoA little later than planned but the annual release of phpbb_recent_topics is finally here!

I actually started on this release a couple of months ago but couldn't find the time to write this post and tag the release :-\$ The good news is that there have been lots of changes since 0.6, basically I've implemented as many bug fixes and feature as I can in the WordPress-Plugin bug tracker.

If you have a feature request or patch, please submit here.

Support questions and requests for help should be directed at the forum.

Without further ado... What's New?

  • WordPress 3.1.4 Testing
    Yep, with such a slow development cycle I can confirm that PRT works with WordPress version 3, but you knew that right ?
  • CSS Styleable output
    A common request, there is now a UL class called prt_ul and a LI class called prt_li which can be used to make you sidebar look pretty!
  • Plugin Options Modernisation
    I follow planet.wordpress so any tips, tricks and modern ways of doing things have been implemented i.e.
  • Resolved: Missing argument 1 for phpbb_topics()
    This was a stoooopid bug that has been in the code for ages, I finally found the time to squish it!
  • Code clean-up (Lots of changes)
    I've put a lot of effort in 0.7 to remove all the un-necessary code, the kind of stuff that get's pasted in as a good idea but not needed, hopefully this has some positive impact in your site as well as my kama
  • Timezone/Off-Set fix (Reads +/- hours from WordPress Settings)
    This was perhaps the most requested feature, I figured out a neat way of doing it by reading the WordPress options.
  • Localisation of date/time fix (
    I'm planning to complete localisation in 0.8, but this is a start right?
  • Callback functionality
    Do you want to do something cool with PRT? Check out phpbb_topics_callback in the readme!
  • Contextual Help in the admin dashboard
    In the past, this blog post has contained the instructions for getting going, I've now put everything either in the readme or actually in the wordpress help, keep a weather eye out for the "help" in the top right hand corner of the WordPress dashboard.

Where do I get it?
Download phpbb_recent_topics version 0.7 from

I hope you enjoy this release!

Footnote: Version 0.7.1 has been pushed out which fixes the date display issue reported below!


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