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I thought my site was missing something, perhaps a little bit of dynamic text , so now we have it ! Below my logo random one liner quotes will appear :cool:

I found the basics at totallyphp but it only read the quotes from an array, not a file, so: I added the file function & turned the script into a function :D

If you too want simple random quotes to include the source is here. The usage is simple, create a file called quotes.txt with quotes, a new one on each line (make it world readable) ; by default if you then call quotes.php it'll choose a line & print the text... if you comment out echo randomquote(); you could include quote.php in other code :idea:

Here's the code... enjoy !

\# Where do I get my quotes from ? \$QUOTEFILE="./quotes.txt";

function randomquote() { global \$QUOTEFILE; \$quotes = file("\$QUOTEFILE"); srand ((double) microtime() \* 1000000); \$randomquote = rand(0,count(\$quotes)-1); return \$quotes[\$randomquote]; } echo randomquote();



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