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Another day, another mini project.

My place of work pretty much demanded the need for our monitoring guys (i.e. people that stare at the nagios screen, waiting for red things) to have the ability to run traceroutes from nagios to the effected node - The twist in the story was that they wanted to do it from a browser !

So, I thought, that'd be an easy php script then :cool: , well to be honest it took a little longer than expected, mainly because I don't really understand regular expressions (yet).

Nagios-ping-tool Is a package of small scripts :

  • config.php - some simple config variables, important for telling the script where to find your nagios hosts.cfg
  • index.php - the script that creates the buttons
  • readhosts.php - the script that reads /etc/nagios/hosts.cfg to find names & ip addresses
  • header.php & footer.php - my actual implementation went into another skinned site, so I put these in to format the pages properly

nagios-ping-tool.tgz can be downloaded from this site or the Nagios Exchange Project Page


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