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I've posted about the popularity or wordpress having a negative effect before. Here I pointed out only days after a security bug being patched by the WP Team, an exploit was freely available..... the up-shot being that we've only days to respond and patch our blogs (this could be a real problem should we dare to take a holiday ! )

The thing is, the problem appears to be getting worse, now plug-in exploits [1] [2] [3] are being posted, this is worse because many of us use a lot of plug-ins and without some kind of updating mechanism it's difficult to stay onto of patching.

There is a plug-in that may help here, I say may, since I didn't get a lot of joy, it couldn't detect a load of my plug-ins, and I know the idea has been floated so others obviously share my concern, let's hope for a main-stream solution soon :D


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