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I thought I'd write a post about this error message as it's pretty much the main reason that I ever receive comments or e-mails from the WordPress community. Sadly the complaints I receive from the community out weigh the complements, but I guess that's life ;)

Thank you to all those who have downloaded and enjoyed my plug-in and all those who have taken to say something nice.

The problem with this error message Missing argument 1 for phpbb_topics() is that I don't actually know how to fix it. If you look in the source code you'll see that I've tried to trap "empty variables"...

if (is_null($LIMIT)) {
                $LIMIT = 5;

Now this approach seems to work on my server(s), and works for some people, but there are a number of people whom is doesn't work for; unfortunately the majority of the WP community are no more technical than myself and I have never received any feedback on how to fix this.

I'm not a programmer, I've never claimed to be a PHP guru; as I don't know how to fix this problem in the latest version of phpbb-recent-topics I tried to combat the problem by introducing a widget. The widget it aimed at people who don't know php, it allows you to "drag" the list of recent topics into your sidebar, but for some reason people still prefer to edit their sidebar.php :confused:

I would to remind all readers that it quite clearly states on my announcement:

I’ve always been honest about support, there isn’t any. Basically I write this for my own needs and then publish it for you to use for free. You’re more than welcome to post comments here and if you tag wordpress forum posts with “phpbb-recent-topics” I’ll reply to you there, but we all have busy lives and I make no promises on how quickly I’ll reply to you.

Currently the only solution I can offer to anyone suffering from this error message is to replace phpbb_topics()with phpbb_topics(”5″), if that doesn't work then please accept my apologies.

If anyone would like to offer a patch for my plugin I would gladly include it and accredit appropriately.

Thanks for Reading!



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