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Colleagues have noticed that in my spare time at work I've been "getting my geek on!" the definition being a vi window of code on one screen and google open in the other ;)

Linickx LifeStream will be a new WordPress plugin which allows you to life stream ANY feed. I've been having issues with FeedWordPress and to be honest it didn't really do what I wanted; now there are already may wordpress lifestream plug-ins, but mine will be different.

Difference 1: The plug-in isn't service dependant... i.e. you don't stream your twitter account or your LastFM account, you stream the feed. What this means is that when tomorrows-wizzy-new-service is launched you don't have to wait for me to update the plug-in. It also means you can stream odd stuff, such as I'm going to stream my commits to the WordPress plug-in repo ;)

Difference 2: No Requirements. The requirements for this are the same as the WordPress requirements. What this means is yes it works on PHP4 and no you don't need a separate installation of simplepie.

Difference 3: No Lifestream Pages, extra databases or tables. LifeStream feeds get created as "normal" WordPress posts, so if you digg something a post is created and you can do all the normal things like tag & categorize the post.

I'm in the process of finishing the package and installing the plug-in here on but when it's ready you'll be able to...

Download LINICKX LifeStream Here

With a little luck I'll be able to remove this annoyance and directly stream delicious and get google reader working again.



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