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I know that day light savings is new to the US, but in the UK it has always been, anyway something weird happened this year, the clocks changing clashed with a password change; now this may not have been the fault but since then I've not been able to get my gnome evolution email client to connect to our corp' Microsoft exchange server (via exchange-connector).

After a bit of fruitless googling for authentication issues, I decided to try and flush my evolution settings by deleting (well moving actually) my \~/.evolution directory, but this didn't help, neither did deleting the account within the client (you know via mail setup)... fortunatley I found the following FAQ :

Where does Evolution store my data?
Evolution stores your data in \$HOME/.evolution/, your account settings in \$HOME/.gconf/apps/evolution and your passwords in \$HOME/.gnome2_private/Evolution. The passwords are not stored encrypted, just base64 encoded. SSL Certificates are stored in \$HOME/.camel_certs, and if Evolution crashed while you were writing an email, there could even be a file \$HOME/.evolution/.evolution-composer.autosave-123456 (where 123456 is some string). Note: If you run Evolution 2.8 or older, the file will be at \$HOME/.evolution-composer.autosave-123456.

So I restored my \~/.evolution folder and renamed \~/.gnome2_private/Evolution to /.gnome2_private/Evolution.bak, ran an evolution --force-shutdown, and re-opened evolution.. and joy authentication works again! :)

By the way, I'm posting this from flock... hope it works!


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