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I've recently run into a compatibility problem with my phpbb topic plugin, basically I tried to copy the code I did ( the ob_start / stop buffer thing ) and I found that the second time I ran the loop it didn't work !

Anyway in lieu of working on an admin interface for setting up the phpbb connection I'm solving this, if anyone is having a similar issue please let me know.

Oh, and this might be of interest...

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From: Nick
Date: 12-Mar-2007 11:38
Subject: Re: Recent phpBB Topics on Wordpress Plugin
To: Paul Stokes

Hi Paul,

You can do this by playing with the SQL statement in the plugin, for example

SELECT * FROM $TOPIC_TABLE WHERE forum_id != 1 ORDER BY topic_time DESC LIMIT $limit

would exclude topics from forum 1

hope that helps,

On 11/03/07, Paul Stokes wrote:


First I must say what a great plug-in you have here!
Is there a way to keep the hidden forums topic hidden?



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