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Hello Site Owner!
My name is Andrew and I am reaching out to you as a representative from We are all at the mercy of Google, unfortunately. As Google updates their algorithm we are forced to adapt and adhere to their quality guidelines. We understand the stress this puts on webmasters, and we apologize for that inconvenience, but for our own best interest we cannot ignore Google.
We have recently completed a full backlink profile audit on our site and have found links that were once valuable, may now have a negative effect on our internet presence. We found the following backlinks from your site:
Please remove the above links as well as all other links to
These links were created by a former SEO company with whom we no longer have a relationship with. We were not aware of this link building scheme and apologize for their actions.
We want to highlight the fact that this is not only an attempt to improve our website, but this will have a positive effect on your site as well.
We also do not participate in paying to have links removed, as advised from Google’s webspam team. Feel free to view Google’s advice on paying for link removals here.
Again, we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience. Please let us know if you are willing to help
us help you and remove the links listed above.
We greatly appreciate your time and attention to this matter. Thank you very much!



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