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What did you do this weekend ? - Me, I made my first ebay api call :) - kinda geeky, and kinda cool at the same time.

You may notice that the home page on calcylator now boasts the ebay compatible logo, that's because the SELL page on calcylator has changed. We now have the option for Quicker Entry when adding listings to the application; this quicker entry is a demonstration of where we're going, type in your ebay listing/item id, and we'll retrieve the item description and start price.

So why are we doing this ? Well as I've previously discussed the profit and loss idea isn't working, the reason being that user's feel they are working too hard... so I'm trying to improve that, now users type in 1 number instead of 3 different pieces of information. Admittedly we're a distance away from a usable solution, but you gotta walk before you run eh ?



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