Latest WordPress Milw0rm exploits PIPE’d to your feed reader!

Milw0rm is a great source of security exploits, subscribing to it’s feed is a good way of getting a heads up on where the next attack might come…. there are a lot of script kiddies that do nothing more than download milw0rm exploits and fire them randomly into the internet hoping to get a hit!

The thing is there are a lot of exploits found everyday and it can start to fill-up your RSS Feed Reader, so it’s a good idea to filter out things that are useful to you, as an expample I have created a simple Yahoo! Pipe which delivers only WordPress exploits found on Milw0rm!


The pipe / feed is currently empty – returns no results – as there hasn’t been anything new published recently, but I’m sure that’ll change soon enough :)


Those with a sharp eye will have noticed there are two “linickx” twitter accounts. I’ve had my main @linickx for some time, although I don’t spam it all the time the tweet integration and integration into facebook/mugshot/ is cool.

Twitter has been in a lot of main stream media recently, and I’ve noticed that it appears to be becoming a popular replacement for RSS, many non-technicals just don’t “get” RSS but it appears that twitter is providing an alternative source of keeping up with news… rather than just answering the social question “what are you doing?” .

My blog will always have the most interesting content….. of course the definition of interesting is up for debate…. but in an attempt to reach out to those using twitter to follow blogs & news I’ve created another twitter account @linickxfeed; This second account is simply tweeting when I create blog posts… I’m not sure of the etiquette, should tweets from people be mixed with auto-magic stuff from blogs?

Hopefully this approach won’t cause to much confusion, and If it does I’ll just have to delete the account :) So….

Google Sharing with Reader !

I’ve just noticed today, that google have added a new sharing feature to google reader.

The results are quite cool, they offer the standard ‘share my feeds’ feature that other places offer, but what I like is being able to share ‘star‘ items. I subscribe to a lot of feeds (too many to read if I’m honest), but sometimes it’s handy to star them so I can come back to them. Now my interesting items will be visible to the world ! :cool:

Check out

Sage: a feed reader for Firefox

This is worth mentioning….

Sage: a feed reader for Firefox
Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed reader extension for Mozilla Firefox.

Google reader is good, but it’s still got some usability issues, mainly that the default page/interface only gives a list of unread posts, where as sometimes you only want to see (or hide) a specific feed. Obviously the downside with sage is you need firefox, but who’s not using firefox ;)

Syndicate with Me !

RSS is cool, no aruments, it just is :-P The thing is it’s just dawned upon me that for “joe windows” user it’s not entirely obvious.

A little research shows that a lot of companies have realised this & tried to make some money. So to make things easier you can syndicate with me using your favorite web aggregator, the following lonks are on my blog side bar :cool:

Subscribe in NewsGator Online

Personally tho’ I’ll stick to Liferea :D

Free RSS News Reader for Symbian Phones !

I’ve been looking for one of these for ages, an RSS feed reader for my Mobile Phone. When I was running my Nokia 6600 the only one I could find was FeedBurner’s MFB the only problem with that was… it was gonna cost me money !!!! … yeah right… as a linux fan, am I ever gonna pay for software… no opensource is always the right choice ;)

Anyway, by luck I got the right google search syntax , behold the 3rd enty was RSS Orbit / Free Download , a quick browse round lead me to – nice :cool:

Here’s my RSS feed on my mobile !

my RSS feed via orbit mobile rss

Screenshot taken using screen shot for symbian