Smolt RPM for CentOS, RHEL, etc

I after installing Fedora7 I thought I’d take a look at the stats the project had gathered, I saw some centos devices, but couldn’t find a rpm.

I’ve had a go at building one, it mostly works (this is my nagios box), it’s a rebuild of the f7 source, I have to frig about with the spec file, so I’ve published my source rpm here, search for Nick in the .spec file, you’ll see my bodge.

The smolt rpms are in my yum repo, feel free to download the packages and have a go.

Yum Fun !

This has been on my to do list for a while… I have finally converted my little reporsitory of rpm’s into a proper yum repo !

The old xfce repo has been mergered into a new Whitebox repo, which in fact can be used for CentOS, WBEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

A new fedora repo exists as well, those with a keen eye will see new rpm sections for FC5 64_86 (my new pc!).

All packages will be signed with my gpg key, and config files can be found here:

  • linickx-fedora.repo
    name=LINICKX Fedora Yum Repo
  • linickx-whitebox.repo
    name=LINICKX WBEL Yum Repo

copy the .repo’s into your /etc/yum.repo.d dir and you should be away ! Let me know if you have any problems :cool:

Downloader for X… for FC3

ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve needed to rebuild an rpm, I guess it just goes to show what a good job those repo-boys are doing !

Well I’ve just noticed Solaris 10 is available and I needed a download manager. Normally the built in download manager in firefox will do, but today I wanted to be able to control the speed at which I downloaded ;) … et voila d4x, an rpm hasn’t been build since fc2 so I built one.

Here’s a screen shot to keep you interested !

Download d4x

Gnome-Blog: A new RPM & way to post.

I’m forever looking for ways to make things easier for myself ;)

Today I came across gnome-blog it’s a small gnome applet that allows you to post direct from your desktop, Infact that’s exactly how this was written ! (h)

The default FC3 rpm on seths website didn’t install for me, it complained about a python(abi) dependancy – which I just couldn’t find :( – I did however find this similar rpm which I installed before installing gnome-blog, so if you have problems installing my rpm, then this may help. ( )

This is the screenshot from seth’s site, although I can’t work out how to preview like his !

screen shot

Oh yeah – my rpm is here: gnome-blog-0.8-1.i386.rpm

XFCE 4.2.2 Released

XFCE 4.2.2 has been released, and to be honest I’ve struggled to get the rpm rebuilds done… just no time :'( !

Anyway the official announcement was here

You can update your whitebox installation using [LINICKX].com ! Check that you have something like this in your /etc/yum.conf

name=LINICKX Yum Repo

Then… from a shell do:

root@localhost # yum update xffm\* xfwm4\* xfce\* xfdesktop

…and your done :cool:

XFCE Yum Repo For WBEL

UPDATE: 15th Aug 06 – This repo has moved, please see this post.

Yesterday I think google & I fell out, I’ve got WBEL installed on a really old PC and GNOME is just too fat :(

I discovered XFCE when I was playing with Fedora Core 2 some time ago. I found it to be a nice light weight windowmager / Desktop Evnvirmoent that used very little memory; so in my wisdom I decided to install XFCE onto my WBEL box, and to my suprise I couldn’t find a Yum Repo. This left me with three options (1) put up with twm (2) find another alternative, read their manual, and learn how to use xyz window manager or (3) Build XFCE for WBEL from source.

I chose (3): The great guys at made my job very easy, on their site is whole load or src.rpms, so all i did was recomplie them (After playing a little chase the depandancy) and yum-arch the directory, I updated my yum.conf & Sorted xfce !

Instructions to install xfce here: