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Intelligent humans are still able to use twitter or the contact form to get in touch :)

ipv6 ready

I’ve been testing the AAAA records for, I’m supprised how easy it was!

The cloud servers over at rackspace (where this is hosted) come ipv6 ready – i.e. with a native ipv6 address attached to the internet. I’m using CentOS 6 so your experience may vary :)

ifconfig showed the IP address in my network stack, a good start! The first thing is that there are two iptables config files /etc/sysconfig/iptables & /etc/sysconfig/ip6tables, it should be obvious which is which! I’m not sure I agree with Redhat’s decision to have two config files but they are configured the same it is only the IPs that need to be different, therefore I can have the same statement in each to open up access to apache:

-A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT

By default --dport 22 (SSH) is open on a RHEL/CentOS box, therefore I recommend you change that as appropriate – yes you need to think about ACLs on IPv6 as well as IPv4!

Since there are two config files for iptables there are also two services, you will need to restart the service to load up a new config:

[nick@toad ~]$sudo service ip6tables restart

The apache config file is /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, by default there is a Listen 80 statement, assuming you haven’t changed that apache should be already listening on ipv6 port 80!

[nick@toad ~]$ sudo netstat -nap --inet6 | grep 80
tcp        0      0 :::80                       :::*                        LISTEN      6878/httpd          
[nick@toad ~]$

What happens now when you hit up your server will happen depend now on your config, check you VirtualHost statement, if you have an IPv4 address you want to remove it, so you have something like:

<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerName localhost
  ServerAdmin root@localhost
  DocumentRoot /var/www/html

If you use a NameVirtualHost *:80 then your ServerName statements will start working when you published AAAA records.

To publish an AAAA record use whatever method you use for ipv4 A records, they’re the same thing :) … I used my rsdns util … kick of a test and watch your access log, all things being equal you should see ipv6 source addresses!

…OK, I have assumed you have an ipv6 source to test with; the quickest method is, the more involved method is to setup a 6in4 tunnel with

If it all works you can get yourself a cool badge like this one!

ipv6 ready

Speed, I am Speed

Recently I’ve been focusing on getting not only available, but snappy too!

  1. HA Proxy distributes the load across two cloud servers
  2. Varnish Caches have a hit rate of between 30% & 49%
  3. WP Super Cache serves up static files to Varnish
  4. HypderDB distributes MySQL Requests across my two servers

My next step is to get some minification going, either with page-speed or a WP-Plugin.. they seem to be a bit tricky to troubleshoot tho!

If you are looking to measure your websites performance, I’ve been using pingdom for server response times and for gathering client load speeds.

A New Style!

After many happy years my ps3-tribute theme for is retiring. Today as a new shiny theme, this version is a bit more self indulgent than the last and returns to having a home page with /blog type layout rather than a single entry page.The main aim was to go minimal, I’ve always admired simple themes, hopefully this lives up to the dream! This new linickx version 4 themes is based off of twentyeleven and I’m hoping to leverage some of the new features, I’m already taking advantage of post types and custom backgounds as I digg deeper they maybe more to come :)

I’m in the process of tweaking any bugs, if you find something that doesn’t look right please let me know.

LINICKX is now a word!

Whilst trying to find something of mine via google I’ve noticed something new. LINICKX has now been accepted by google as a word, not back considering I made it up!

In the past if you googled for linickx – – google would suggest “Did you mean links?“, but today I’ve noticed that is gone!

So it appears that my continued internet activity has made an impact on the wold wide web, Very cool!


Those with a sharp eye will have noticed there are two “linickx” twitter accounts. I’ve had my main @linickx for some time, although I don’t spam it all the time the tweet integration and integration into facebook/mugshot/ is cool.

Twitter has been in a lot of main stream media recently, and I’ve noticed that it appears to be becoming a popular replacement for RSS, many non-technicals just don’t “get” RSS but it appears that twitter is providing an alternative source of keeping up with news… rather than just answering the social question “what are you doing?” .

My blog will always have the most interesting content….. of course the definition of interesting is up for debate…. but in an attempt to reach out to those using twitter to follow blogs & news I’ve created another twitter account @linickxfeed; This second account is simply tweeting when I create blog posts… I’m not sure of the etiquette, should tweets from people be mixed with auto-magic stuff from blogs?

Hopefully this approach won’t cause to much confusion, and If it does I’ll just have to delete the account :) So…. New Tag Line

I’ve decided it was time for a change, and updated my tagline, my browser/html site still scrolls thru random rubbish, but those subcribed to my feed should see my new tag :cool:

Moments of Genius followed by Trash

LINICKX Gallery back online

It seems like ages since I started friggin about with

The basic deal is I wanted to completely re-design my website, in doing this I also wanted to simplify the up-keep/maintenance of it too, this resulted in me moving from gallery to WP’s internal gallery, i.e. when it came to patching and upgrading, one less thing to worry about. The downside of this maneuver has been my image gallery had to be manually imported into wordpress, and then every post with an image had to be found and updated, well I think I’m finally there!

Hopefully just a few little design tweaks to the theme left, and v3 will be complete :)

We’re a bit Mashed!

My Apologies to all, the transition to the my new theme hasn’t gone as smoothly as I’d have liked, images are off line, and the adverts are all in the wrong place. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Website Changes.

Today has been a busy day for the poor server must be tired, I’ve made a whole load of changes today including wordpress upgrades and url moves – I’ve removed the word “blog” from everywhere as it was kinda redundant :D

Some content still needs to be ported from my custom php to wordpress, but it should all be finished soon. I’ve got the wonderful redirection plug-in taking care of everything, if you experience any problems please let me know ! IS BACK !!!!!!!!!

After a few weeks of downtime, my site is finally back on line.

You’ll notice the banner at the top of this post, this is my way of saying a BIG THANKS to Chis at for all the hard work he’s put in; I know I pestered him a lot , but I found him to be very dedicated and helpful; it’s been worth it in the end ! I’m one very happy customer (again ;) ) and would recommend urevised hosting.

I’m not sure what he did to fix wordpress but as soon as I know, I’ll share it with the support forum :cool: