Dear Insomniac

In light of yesterdays ps3 news please can you release a patch to covert Ratchet & Clank skill points into Trophies.

I think this would be a good use of the system, it would be nice for us gamers to automatically earn some trophies based on some of the games we’ve already played; this idea benefits the publishers too as “friends” will be able to see other users games and may be influenced to buy them ;)

…and DUELSHOCK3 support too please.


New game: Burnout 4 and Jak3 Complete

Burnout Revenge Screenshot

Burnout Revenge Screenshot

Good playstation planning means you finish one game in time to start a new ;)

I’ve finally got round to completing Jak3, I haven’t quite hit the 100% completion mark, but my 99% isn’t a bad effort, and there’s only so much “orb hunting” you can do before you get bored ! I’ve updated my personal playstation2 review section, and for those that have never got into the jak and daxter series I’d suggest you get started, you’re missing out on hours of entertainment !

I’ve also got a new game Burnout 4 (Revenge). I’ll follow my usual routine of saving the review until I complete (or get bored) , but I have to say, I’ve had the game on for 30mins and It rocks !!!!!! I’ve played burnout 2/3 before, so I already knew roughly what to do. The big different in Revenge is that you can hit traffic going in the same direction (in the past this was a wipe out) and you can use this traffic as a weapon – yep sod trying to win fair & square, hit a van hard from behind and it’ll catapult forward, if your aim is good you’ll hit your opponent and take the lead !
From first glance there is a variation on the race, i.e. do the tracks backwards, or getting quickest lap times, the only type that leave me cold is the launch your car into a cross-road for points – it sounds good on paper but it’s actually quite boring to play – especially compared to the high adrenaline races !

If you have burnout 3, you’ll enjoy burnout 4 !

Retro Gaming Heaven – NES Style

X-Mas about 15yrs ago a small boy’s dream came true when his parents brought him a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and now, direct from eBay for £40 the revival, sweeeeeet retro gaming heaven ! :cool:

I’ve got a TVcard on my desktop at work so here are some screenshots and a couple of cam-phone picy’s for you enjoyment.

Hello PS2

If I’m not messing with linux, then I’m playing PS2.

This website just doesn’t reflect that, so I’ve updated the ps2 section to include all my games, not just the ones I’ve completed.

The ps2linux section has also taken the sideline until I have some content

Here’s a screen shot of what I’m playing at the moment ;)

StarWars Revenge of the Sith

StarWars Revenge of the Sith

I hope my reviews help anyone who’s having difficulty choosing good games :cool: