Delicious Tools

Available direct from the delicious website, this plug-in adds delicious features to firefox, such as bookmarking and tagging pages. Download Plug-in

User Agent Switcher

The user agent switcher for firefox can be a really useful tool, generally firefox support is good, but some web based applications reject it because they don’t recognize the agent string, with this plug-in you can fool the web server into thing you’re using IE.

Web Developer Tool Bar

This tool bar is really cool, it allows you to outline and label important objects, verify code and much much more, highly recommend for anyone who does web development !
Download Extension

Customise Google

If you use google then this extension is gonna be great. I came across it because it allow you to add https to your gmail so not just the username and password is encrypted, but it does sooo much more than that !
Plug-in Homepage

SiteAdvisor – Another Firefox Security Plugin

I found this over the weekend….

Spyware, Adware, Spam, Phishing, Viruses, Identity Theft Protection | SiteAdvisor
SiteAdvisor helps protect you from all kinds of Web-based security threats including spyware, adware, spam, viruses, browser-based attacks, phishing, online fraud and identity theft.

It seems cool, a different approach the the anit-phishing type stuff. Basically you get a simple security report about the sites you visit. The report comes in the flavour of a traffic light in your browser toolbar, green is safe – red is not. Another nice touch is the traffic light is added to our google results, so before you even click on a site you can determine how ‘hostile’ the webmaster may be.

The software is currently in beta, so it’s a temporary free offering, hopefully it’s be a free for personal use thing :D

Blogger Web Comments for Firefox

I’ve been putting off upgrading to firefox 1.5 for ages, but my curiosity for this extension finally got the better of me ! :D

Blogger Web Comments for Firefox
Blogger Web Comments for Firefox is an extension that makes it easy to see what bloggers are saying about a page you’re viewing in firefox

I know this isn’t exactly new news , so there are lots of places to find out about it ! I’ve been playing with it a little today, and still am undecided on whether it’s cool or annoying.

Coolness: Visiting sites, and seeing what people say about them gives a good insight into the sites audience, and being able to leave comments on a site that doesn’t support them is also kind-a-cool… where it fall down is there is no default “this post is about this page” on your blogspot blog, so you have to remember to put one in yourself :(

Annoying: It’s another “pop up”, and people are posting comments about or and I’m thinking, why ? what do I care ? and how is this relevant, there is no intelligent comment that can be made about’s log in page ! I can think of two improvements I’m going to suggest

  1. Filterable: Be able to disable comments for certain sites
  2. A side bar: pop ups are distracting, but a side bar (maybe with auto hide) would be less annoying (may be a little more intrusive) and would allow multiple comments to be seen at any one time !

You can check out what I’ve said about websites on my blogger account. I’ve not used it for anything else much, so It’ll be interesting to see if I use it now !

Sage: a feed reader for Firefox

This is worth mentioning….

Sage: a feed reader for Firefox
Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed reader extension for Mozilla Firefox.

Google reader is good, but it’s still got some usability issues, mainly that the default page/interface only gives a list of unread posts, where as sometimes you only want to see (or hide) a specific feed. Obviously the downside with sage is you need firefox, but who’s not using firefox ;)