Version 0.1.1

So the first few issues are flowing in… the package on didn’t work… I developed the plugin in a folder called lnx_lifestream but’s fancy system changed the path to linickx-lifestream – DOH!

There was also an FAQ missing from the readme.txt, ie how to resolve the error message…

Can’t find WordPress, edit $WPDIR in run.php

This has now been fixed (link to faq)) but does shed light on a new issue… any changes to run.php get over-written on upgrades, I will need to think of a new plan to overcome this!

Introducing LINICKX LifeStream V0.1

UPDATE: This Plugin has been updated, the below links to the new file, but please comment on the new post, thanks.

I’m proud to share with the WordPress community my new plugin, LINICKX LifeStream :)

I’ve been trying to get more LifeStreaming into for a while, as I’ve struggled to find an appropriate solution I’ve decided to write my own.

Plug-in Features:

  • Stream Any Feed.
    Most internet services like digg, twitter, lastfm and the like support RSS feeds of your activity, so you can stream any service even if I haven’t heard about it yet!
  • Posts are created from the feeds/stream.
    Each Feed item creates a new post, you can tag & categorise your posts to give each stream a different look & feel in your WordPress templates.
  • No dependencies.
    LINICKX LifeStream uses WordPress functions to do it’s work, so yes it’ll work on PHP4 & PHP5 and you don’t need to update simplepie or an-other dependancy.
  • Flexible updating.
    By default LINICKX LifeStream should just work, WordPress will fetch the feeds every 5 minutes and store them in the WP Database, but you can change that. If you want to cron your updates every 1 minute you can, if you want the DB store in a file not in MySQL that’s not a problem either.

LINICKX Lifestream is currently feeding both my Digg & Google Reader posts; in general I’m pretty poor at updating my plug-ins as this is a hobby, but since this project is part of my website and not a favour for a friend (like the others) I’m hoping to do a better job.

I’m looking for help too!
The admin interface is a bit “clunky”, the reason being I don’t know javascript, if you do please consider writing a patch :)
I also think this plugin would work well for WordPresMU users, but I don’t use it so if you do what changes need to be made to make this work for you?

You can download the source from here: or Browse Trac

As with my other plug-ins this is a hobby, I have a full time job that takes priority. Feel free to leave comments here but ask support questions to the WordPress community. I will update this plugin as and when I need features to improve but will consider any patches submitted and any good ideas you have.

If this plugin has been some use to you, please consider donating as I give this code away for free and giving something back will make you feel good :cool:


  • Pushed version 0.1.1 as the directory path changed when created their .zip file… all should be working again.
  • Pushed version 0.1.2 to fix error in dashboard reported by Markus below.
  • Pushed Version 0.1.3 more bug fixes; 0.1.2 broke auto updates, so 0.1.3 fixes it again! was having execution timeout issues, so theres a patch to fix that for other users
    I’ve also introduced a config.php so that upgrades do not overwrite $WPDIR set by users.

Get ready for LINICKX LifeStream!

Colleagues have noticed that in my spare time at work I’ve been “getting my geek on!” the definition being a vi window of code on one screen and google open in the other ;)

Linickx LifeStream will be a new WordPress plugin which allows you to life stream ANY feed. I’ve been having issues with FeedWordPress and to be honest it didn’t really do what I wanted; now there are already may wordpress lifestream plug-ins, but mine will be different.

Difference 1: The plug-in isn’t service dependant… i.e. you don’t stream your twitter account or your LastFM account, you stream the feed. What this means is that when tomorrows-wizzy-new-service is launched you don’t have to wait for me to update the plug-in. It also means you can stream odd stuff, such as I’m going to stream my commits to the WordPress plug-in repo ;)

Difference 2: No Requirements. The requirements for this are the same as the WordPress requirements. What this means is yes it works on PHP4 and no you don’t need a separate installation of simplepie.

Difference 3: No Lifestream Pages, extra databases or tables. LifeStream feeds get created as “normal” WordPress posts, so if you digg something a post is created and you can do all the normal things like tag & categorize the post.

I’m in the process of finishing the package and installing the plug-in here on but when it’s ready you’ll be able to…

Download LINICKX LifeStream Here

With a little luck I’ll be able to remove this annoyance and directly stream delicious and get google reader working again.